YES! Studying alongside job gives you the confidence you need to succeed, with a practical view of the syllabus and opportunities to grow in the organisation in different areas. The professional qualifications that you will acquire over time will give you a good head start in developing your career. It is important for working students to learn the crucial art of time and financial management to avoid wasting their resources. Workplace experience can assist you for a better understanding of how the theory and the practical side of the ACCA fit together.


Advantages of pursuing ACCA while working

Enhancement of Skills

Pursuing ACCA alongside your job elevates your resume while conveying to your future employers that you are focused and committed towards self-enhancement, along with having exceptional time-management skills. This is also an opportunity to hone your critical thinking skills, which will help you in viewing situations and problems from a different managerial perspective. Given that ACCA is a combination of accounting, finance and business management, you can expect to learn the best of all the worlds.

Practical Experience

Working and studying for ACCA in parallel is considered to be reciprocally advantageous. Your job helps you learn better and your learning improves your performance at work. As a pre-requisite, ACCAs have to complete practical experience of a minimum of 3 years to gain membership. This is the key to ensure that one has deep knowledge of the subject in theory and practical before being conferred an ACCA. A workplace mentor can always guide you through the requirements and support your progress.

Job Perspective

When you apply for a new job that has multiple applicants, you will have the chance to jump ahead of the queue because of your ACCA Qualification. It helps to secure jobs at dream companies like the Big 4 as ACCA has a dedicated job portal with 7400+ employers and tie-ups with corporates. During times of distress, lay-offs or recession, the ACCA Qualification can become your shield as the demand is quite continuous and important.

Aids in Career Path

Having an early insight into various areas of work gives you an opportunity to explore what meets your interest and aptitude. Basis this you will be in a better position to make long term career decisions and etch a path best suited for you.


Some tips for managing work and studies together

Prepare a Smart Study Plan

You need to become an excellent planner if you want to thrive at both studies and work. Preparing your monthly, weekly and daily studying activities will help you feel in control of the situation; track your progress and even act as a reminder to stick to your study goals. Also, take into account that you will need to be ready and fresh for work each and every day, so don’t cram a lot of study time during the week. The best part about ACCA here is that depending upon your current educational qualifications, exemptions are awarded to skip the subjects in which you already hold a certificate. Check them here: link

Let your Colleagues or Supervisors know you are pursuing ACCA

Announcing that you are starting with the ACCA program is a win-win situation in many cases. First, if ACCA is connected with your job, it will show your employers that you are genuinely interested in advancing your skills and knowledge, which means you are adding value to the company you work for. At the same time, supervisors and colleagues might go easier on you knowing that you also have to study. This means no over-time work and, why not, colleagues being more willing to cover for you if you have an exam, for example.

Know Your Priorities

Everybody loves going on holidays and enjoy watching movies. Staying disciplined is tough and it’s a constant chore. At the end of the day, you need to prioritise your long term goal over short term indulgences. You must be willing to stretch yourself to succeed.

Join a Learning Partner

We would highly recommend you to join approved learning partner for the ACCA course if you plan to pursue it alongside your job as this increases your chances of performing better and concentrating at things which matter the most. While some may choose to prepare on their own, this will significantly increase the commitment of your most precious resource – time. Also given that some exemptions may be applicable for you and there are various practical techniques involved in ACCA, it is advisable to be well-prepared and aware.