To get the myth busted right away, an ACCA qualification is not restricted to accounting. The ACCA syllabus comprises a combination of knowledge and industry-specific skills ranging from ‘Strategy and Innovation’ to ‘Corporate Reporting under IFRS’, ‘Audit and Assurance’ to ‘Business Leadership and Ethics. An ACCA degree equips you with the skills necessary to face the challenges of a future professional in the changing world of Business. As new technology kicks in, with organizations heading for global regulation and compliance, the ACCA’s global approach empowers you with tools to undertake complex leadership and management tasks.

1. ACCA Syllabus

ACCA course is a comprehensive professional course. ACCA is designed to develop:

    1. Vital knowledge        : 13 theory papers in 3 levels
    2. Practical skills           : 3 years’ work experience
    3. Professional values  : Ethics & Professional skills online module
Knowledge Level Professional Level
A.      Essentials
1.  Business & Technology 1.  Strategic Business Leader
2.  Management Accounting 2.  Strategic Business Reporting
3.  Financial Accounting
Skills Module B.      Optional (any 2 / 4)
4.  Corporate & Business Law 4.  Advanced Financial Management
5.  Performance Management 5.  Advanced Performance Management
6.  Taxation 6.  Advanced Taxation
7.  Financial Reporting 7.  Advanced Audit & Assurance
8.  Audit & Assurance
9.  Financial Management
    1. The Subjects covered under the levels help you acquire cross-sector finance and business knowledge that can give your profile the much-needed advantage. Hence ACCA qualified professionals are highly preferred and in high demand by employers.

To know everything about ACCA Exams watch the below video:

2. ACCA Scope across Roles & Fields

    1. Across roles: This gives you access to a broad spectrum of interesting roles such as
      • Finance and management
      • Management Accounting
      • Corporate Finance
      • Merger & Acquisitions
      • Financial Analyst
      • Business Analyst
      • Credit Control
      • Strategy and Innovation
      • Audit & Assurance
      • International Taxation
      • Legal Governance, Risk & Control & so on.
    2. Furthermore, one can work in various roles across sectors be it Consulting (Big 4) or the Industry.

In conclusion, every year thousands of graduates looking for a job in India. A professional course like ACCA simultaneously with your Graduation Degree gives a head start to your career by providing cross-sector global business & finance knowledge & takes you places in your career with enriching roles & positions.

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