Before we start to understand the time duration it takes to complete an ACCA qualification, let us try to examine its structure in detail.

For Undergraduates

The ACCA Course structure has a total of 13 papers that a student needs to qualify along with an Online Ethics & professional skills self-learning module.  Typically, a student can register with the ACCA post Class 10 at any time. It is a common trend in India to begin ACCA with / post Class 12 exams and pursue it rigorously through 3 years of graduation. ACCA exams take place 4 times a year (March, June, September & December) and a candidate can appear for exams every quarter depending on his/ her preparation. One can take as many as 4 papers in one exam session and a maximum of 8 papers in one year. Most students globally sit for 1 paper a quarter & hence they are able to take up to 4 papers a year and 13 papers in 3 years comfortably.

Students Joining After Graduation

Depending on the exemptions you have; you will need less time than average to complete your ACCA qualification. Typically, B. Com graduates are exempted from 4 papers which allows them to qualify for ACCA within 2 years of their graduation. For students joining after a professional qualification, you can qualify ACCA much faster depending on the exemptions applicable to them based on the professional qualification and level accomplished.

To know why you should pursue ACCA with graduation watch the below video:

CA Inter Qualified + B. Com

Candidates who are B. Com graduates + CA Inter complete have 6 exemptions. In other words, they need to appear for 7 papers. This takes about 1.5 years to complete the qualification.

To know why CA or CA Inter students should pursue ACCA watch the below video:

Chartered Accountants

CA’s are exempt from 9 papers and must appear for 4 papers only at the professional level and can be completed within 6-9 months. You can check the exemptions applicable to you here: ACCA Calculator: Click Here

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