Before we start to understand the time duration it takes to complete an ACCA qualification, let us try to examine its structure in detail.

ACCA Structure and Plan: To Become ACCA you must

  1. Pass exams in 13 ACCA papers in 3 levels
  2. Complete an Ethics module, and,
  3. Gain 3 years of relevant work experience. (before, during, or after participation the ACCA Course)

Thus, if you register after 12th standard you will have to appear for only 13 papers in 3 years along with B Com. Most of the content of ACCA papers (9 out of 13 papers) are usually covered in your B. Com syllabus, making it easy to clear your ACCA. Following is the syllabus:

Fundamental Level Professional Level
A.      Knowledge Module A.      Essentials
1.  Accountant in Business 1.  Strategic Business Leader
2.  Management Accounting 2.  Strategic Business Reporting
3.  Financial Accounting  
B.      Skills Module B.      Optional (any 2 / 4)
4.  Corporate & Business Law 4.  Advanced Financial Management
5.  Performance Management 5.  Advanced Performance Management
6.  Taxation 6.  Advanced Taxation
7.  Financial Reporting 7.  Advanced Audit & Assurance
8.  Audit & Assurance
9.  Financial Management


ACCA Exam Flexibility:

  • The first 4 papers AB, MA, FA, LW are computer-based objective exams, on-demand and can be taken throughout the year.
  • From the fifth paper onwards, there are 4 exam windows each year in March, June, September, and December. Exams consist of a mixture of multiple-choice objective and subjective questions.

You can choose how you study, how often you sit for your exams. You can even appear for one paper at a time every 3 months. Further, the global pass % is high at 50% on an average and pass % of Indian students is even higher, making it easily and comfortably doable in all respects.

Students joining after 12th Standard:
A full-time student who wants to complete all ACCA exam papers starting from F1, technically, can complete in only 1.5 years with a maximum of 8 papers per year (Total 13 papers). On average it would take 2.5 to 3 years. A good strategy for you would be to register with a reputed ACCA class because usually, they have tie-ups with top companies for placements and that will help you get into the corporate world for internship and thereby clear your ACCA practical experience requirement.

Students joining after graduation:
Depending on exemptions you have, you will need less time than average to complete your ACCA qualification. Typically B.Com graduates are exempted from 4 papers which allows them to qualify ACCA within 1.5 years of their graduation. For students joining after a professional qualification, you can qualify ACCA much faster depending on the exemptions applicable to you based on the professional qualification and level accomplished.

CA’s are exempt from 9 papers and must appear for 4 papers only at the professional level and can be completed within 6-9 months

You can check the exemptions applicable to you here: ACCA Calculator: Click Here