ACCA is Association of Chartered Certified Accountant, the world’s most forward-thinking professional accountancy body based in the UK with 100+ years of experience. It is a globally accepted qualification for successful careers in every sector you can imagine, ranging from finance, accounting, banking, consulting, business management, audit, and accounts.

Now let us see WHY it is one of the favored courses all over the world:

1. Recognition

ACCA Course enjoys global recognition with employers across the industry globally with more than 241,000 fully qualified members and 542,000 students in 178 countries. ACCAs are among the world’s best-qualified accountants who are highly sought-after in every sector by the big four accounting & auditing firms, viz. KPMG, E&Y, Deloitte, PWC, and multinational companies like Citicorp, JP Morgan, Microsoft, HSBC, Siemens, Nestle, and Accenture amongst others. The Corporate sector knows and trusts the ACCA designation, expecting a high global standard from ACCA professionals.

2. Partnerships

ACCA is actively connecting with businesses large and small, governments, educational establishments, and opinion formers. ACCA currently works with more than 7,500+ Approved Employers and has more than 80 accountancy partnerships with accountancy bodies, universities and international donor communities worldwide. ACCA connects members with thousands of vacancies through the ACCA Careers job board and stays on top of emerging trends, legislation, and legal requirements, helping to shape them. Because of all this, ACCA is able to create the innovative, strategic-thinking accountants our fast-changing world needs.

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3. Reputation

ACCA is leading the way in the accountancy profession, their expertise and opinion being widely sought by governments, professional bodies, academic institutions, employers, and the media, worldwide.

Well, if you are in India and thinking about its recognition here, the industry trend in recent years reveals that ACCA has gained tremendous recognition among Indian employers and students. The number of job openings for ACCA students & members in India daily is a testimony to the ever-increasing demand for ACCA professionals.

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4. Industry Jobs & Roles

The ACCA qualification doesn’t limit you to one sector. You can navigate your professional life in any direction you aspire. As an ACCA member, you will open doors to opportunities of working across sectors, be it the public sector, banking, financial services, the corporate sector, or an independent consulting practice giving you access to a broad spectrum of interesting roles. An ACCA professional can work across various domains fas a Financial Reporting, Management Accounting, Corporate Finance, Treasury, Business Analyst, Auditor, Tax Manager, Risk, Strategy & so on.

Hence if you are looking forward to making a successful career in finance & business, ACCA is the most sought-after qualification for you.

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