Clearing ACCA exams on the very first attempt are relatively easier than many other professional courses, mainly because of its flexible and convenient exam schedule. One just has to adopt an appropriate schedule and have the right study plan to pass ACCA exams, which is where coaching classes are doing a good job of preparing these students. Here are some of the tips which will help you to clear ACCA exams on the very first attempt:

1. Proper Planning

First things, plan how you intend to appear for papers and in what frequency given that you can write an exam every quarter. You should aim at appearing for a minimum of 1 exam a quarter ie – 4 exams a year. It is very important that you study with discipline & appear for papers as planned.

2. Choose The Right Coaching Provider

It’s very vital to select the right coach that can groom you well to ensure you are ready to take on the challenges of a global professional exam such as ACCA. Thorough content coverage, conceptual understanding, practice & tests are very important ingredients of a complete learning program.

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3. Content is King

Whichever publisher you opt for (Kaplan or BPP), the Study Text & Exam Kit is your key to success. A thorough reading of the Study Text to gain conceptual understanding & solving questions & case studies from the Exam Kit is very vital. You must practice on the ‘Blank Workspace’ provided by ACCA for exam experience.

4. Progress Tests & Mock Exams

Progress Tests ensure that you check at every step how you are proceeding. Your coach should give you progress tests at every stage of your course to ensure you are studying with discipline & learning as intended.
On Completion of the entire syllabus, you must appear for at least 2- 3 mock exams ensuring that you are very comfortable with the exam IT environment. Further, you will get an understanding of your speed, application, strategy for cracking the paper, etc only on appearing Mocks. You must not enter the exam hall without having solved a couple of mock exams.

5. Study Support Resources

The ACCA provides a list of Study Support Resources for students. This includes a list of valuable information subject-wise such as Syllabus, Technical Articles, Examiner Reports, Exam Techniques, and so on. It is much recommended that you go through all the resources before you sit for your exam.

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6. Exam Day Study Notes

One day before the exam, it may be very difficult to go through voluminous content. Hence ‘Short Notes’ summarizing the entire syllabus become the need of the hour.

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Other Resources for Student Support

Checkout our Study Guides for every paper that will give you a 100 % perspective on how to approach each paper for the exam by clicking here.

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Tips For D-Day

  • Do not take up any mock test before the day of the examination, this might put down your confidence. Also, do not compare any of your previous mock test results with anyone and get nervous.
  • Wear and eat what you are comfortable with, on the day of the exam.
  • Attempt those questions first that you are confident of, this will help you boost your morale. There is no negative marking in MCQ exams – so even if you guess the answer you have a one in four (25%) chance of getting the question right.
  • Do not waste your time by sticking to one question. The clock will keep, so it becomes very necessary for you to time your question attempts.
  • Do not get under pressure while attempting a question. The key is to believe in yourself and trust the amount of effort you have put into this exam.


All the above tips will help you to prepare for your ACCA exams in an appropriate manner and clear it in the first attempt.  Just work hard and try to follow your set targets. ACCA requires only 50% marks to consider the attempt successful, which is relatively easy to score. It is always advisable to take proper coaching from experienced ACCA faculty to increase your chances of success manifolds.

Also remember that if you don’t pass, view it as a learning opportunity because there’s no such thing called failure. Remember efforts always triumph your luck. Best of Luck!