The digital world today has given us unlimited learning opportunities and access to numerous training methods. With this ever-blooming virtual learning opportunities, why do we still bother to attend traditional classroom sessions? Practical and Situation based subjects like Accountant in Business, Management Accounting and Strategic Business Leadership require a ‘face to face interaction’ which is often missing in technology-based training. The group setting improves social skills and teaches candidates how to interact in a professional, cooperative and productive way, which is something that other forms of training often don’t provide.“Should I go for online training sessions or should I stick with face-to-face classes for ACCA?” if this question is bothering you then here are the TOP 6 proven reasons why you should go for Classroom Training –


  1. Promotes Collaborative Learning
    In a class, everyone starts with their own pace and eventually with the positive impact of the group dynamics pick up speed to match the expectations of the exam. Further, group interaction and doubts solving increases a student’s self-awareness and widens perspectives about how other students learn and enables them to learn more easily and effectively.


  1. Building Professional Network With Personalised Touch
    ACCA is a course for which virtual networking through chats, message, groups or forums may not suffice the needs of many. The approach of ACCA Course is totally practical and business situation based. Personal classroom discussions and debates are the crux of success revolving around strategy building and case study analysis. In this interactive environment, students develop a social bond and a lifelong professional network with a personal touch.


  1. Offers Something Beyond Books
    Each learner is unique with his or her own learning abilities. Some people are independent, and they can quickly solve the problems or understand the new concepts with little or no help. However, there are candidates who need real-world examples and explanations to appreciate concepts in entirety, especially since the approach to each subject is entirely new and global. Going beyond books to set a pitch for the real-world is one of the biggest advantage face-to-face teaching offers in ACCA course.


  1. Instant Clarification of Doubts And Continuous Stimulation
    Your simplest doubts such as not understanding a phrase or a meaning of a certain word can turn into a tedious time-consuming process in e-learning since you need to refer various resources, whereas a tutor in class can explain this instantly for you to proceed further. The potential to clarify the doubt at the moment of need is best achieved in classroom learning. This, in turn, helps you timely completion of the course. The physical presence of a teacher also keeps students stimulated through the interactive and interesting exchange of ideas.


  1. Develops Personality And Career Building Skills
    Classroom teaching inculcates conflict resolving skills, presentation skills when it comes to presenting their ideas confidently in front of peers, develops team spirit and teaches them to get along with those from different cultural backgrounds. Such experiences form the core of the ethics and professional skills module and valuable in shaping students’ communication and listening skills, so vital in the corporate world.


  1. Assistance To Secure Your Dream Job
    Finding a job suitable to your interest and passion post-ACCA is a matter which requires maturity to carve out a long-term career plan based on your current aptitude and skills. This requires matching your skills with the opportunities available in a suitable job-profile in an appropriate field and industry. Hence, wise counsel is vital. This is where Approved Learning Partners (ALP) of ACCA like us can guide you right from Classroom to Boardroom.


Synthesis Learning is a leading training company in India conducting training in finance, accounting and related courses for undergraduates, graduates and working professionals in global professional qualifications as well as skill-based certification programs. At Synthesis Learning, we believe in putting you in the driver’s seat to shape your career in the direction you want and reach places. You surely would love to join a teaching institute which guides and empowers you throughout your career in finance and accounting and mentors you through the experts working in the same domain; having rich experience of global corporate world experience. To join our classroom training for ACCA, please visit:

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